Buying real estate is one of the most secure ways of investing. Even in times like the COVID-19 pandemic, rental properties remained one of the best investing strategies out there.

The thought then becomes in investing in more properties. After all, if one property is good, why not more? There are a few perks for investors looking to get into multiple properties.

Greater Rental Income

This is the most obvious benefit but also the most important. Building a portfolio of rental properties means having more rental income. That rental income can then go right back into investing in rental properties.

The key is to conduct a proper analysis of the property to ensure that it is a viable investment. From finding comps to determining startup costs, the right real estate investment tools can help you find the best investment option.

Diversifying Risk

Any portfolio should be about diversity. After all, putting all of the proverbial eggs in one basket means that if something catastrophic happens, all will be lost. It is one of the biggest risks that investors could take.

By investing in multiple properties, it means diversifying your portfolio to protect against the investments that don’t work out. It is investment 101. Look for different property types, sizes, and consider investing in different markets as well for the greatest portfolio diversity.

Passive Income

What people investing in rental properties ultimately hope to achieve is to have a level of passive income that they can live from. Many who just start out in the world of real estate investment have a primary job most of the time.

But with enough time and the right investments, that passive income can develop to a point where finding new properties becomes a full-time endeavor. It takes time and the right investments to make that a reality, but it is more than possible. These are just a few of the many potential perks of investing in multiple real estate properties, diversifying your portfolio, and making sound investments.