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About James Mahan, New Braunfels, TX 

James Mahan, from New Braunfels, started his educational career with a proclivity towards politics and government. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and PolySci. However, he decided to switch gears after graduation to pursue asset management. He earned his Master of Science degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio, where he majored in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law.

Soon after graduation, James got his start as a Wealth Advisor for Merrill Lynch. The skills he learned as an asset manager included learning how to acquire and build a multi-million dollar portfolio worth of business for the company. He also began honing his skills working with exclusive high ranking clientele, such as institutions, personal investors, and non-profit organizations. James Mahan quickly excelled at his ability to cater to a variety of financial needs based on this diverse exposure.

His next position was as a private client advisor with JPMorgan Chase & Co. He eventually worked up to the role of vice president of investments. During his years with JP Morgan, James led a highly successful team within the firm’s Private Client Division. He and his team managed over $150M worth of client assets. James also worked alongside high profile clients to manage their assets and liabilities and earned their trust and loyalty. James Mahan also actively managed his clients’ portfolios using proprietary strategies for investing in stocks, bonds, hedge funds, derivatives, real estate, and private equity.

As the Principal of South Texas Capital, James Mahan now consolidates all of his vast years of knowledge to run this boutique asset management firm. He is a well-regarded mentor who teaches upcoming investors the value of customer loyalty and consumer relations. He and his team work hard to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why they have a high client retention rate.

In addition to being a financial strategist and investor, James Mahan is also heavily involved in real estate. Being a lifelong Texan himself, he has a personal interest in enhancing his community. New Braunfels, Texas, is where he calls home, and it sits perfectly nestled between Austin and San Antonio. Now more than ever, people are retreating from the urban city living and seeking out a better quality of life on the outskirts. James is already ahead of the game when it comes to real estate development for the expanding population. One project, James is very excited about is his investment in the latest MUTTS Canine Cantina’s® location. This incredibly popular ‘eatertainment’ trend is starting to pop up around the world, and MUTTS figured out early on how to combine a cocktail bar, restaurant, and dog park into one unique space. In addition to this venture, Solms Landing is an upscale mixed-use development project that will satisfy the needs of the area’s growing population. Retail stores will be intermixed with office space and multi-family housing, in addition to a plentiful variety of hospitality and entertainment choices. 

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