The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way that home buyers look at things. Real estate agents are noticing that house hunters are valuing different things than they did before the pandemic. Take a look at how the pandemic is impacting home buyers’ wants and needs below. It’ll open your eyes to what matters the most to average home buyers right now.

Space Matters

People generally want more space than they did prior to the pandemic. More people are sheltering in place and spending time at home now. This means that they want to have enough room to spread out so that they can enjoy their time at home. Properties that are more spacious are more likely to be popular in this current real estate market.

Location Isn’t as Important

The location of a property used to be paramount since people wanted to be close to work. However, there is a huge push toward remote work in many different industries. This is pushing many young families to move to the suburbs instead of looking for homes that are closer to their places of employment. If you can work from home, then it doesn’t matter so much where you live.

Pools Are Still Popular

Pools are still popular features since they can help people to get exercise when they’re stuck at home. However, people are asking more detailed questions about pools than they did before. Lap pools are more desirable because people want to use pools for exercise. Home buyers are also looking for pools that they think will be the most sanitary ones due to concerns about COVID-19.

Times Are Changing

The times are changing when it comes to the real estate market and it’s unclear how long COVID-19 will impact things. This pandemic has changed the way that people think about things and it makes sense to look for a home that will accommodate you due to the current circumstances. Many experts feel that things will get back to normal in a few years but a lot of that depends on how the pandemic is dealt with. If a vaccine is developed and life returns to something resembling the pre-pandemic days, then things could go back to the way that they were in the real estate market before.