You have probably heard about how climate change is impacting the world. Many people are concerned about rising water levels due to melting polar ice caps. This could cause certain parts of the world to become uninhabitable in the decades to come. One method of combating these concerns involves the creation of floating homes.

What Are Floating Homes?

Floating homes are essentially modular water dwellings that could be placed in specific spots that are the most at risk for flooding due to climate change. These homes are capable of floating safely on the water’s surface and this could be a game-changer. This works by filling concrete pontoons with air so they’re able to support the living pods on top. It might seem very futuristic and strange to some but it’s actually a very clever way to deal with what might happen in the near future.

These Are Cheap to Create

One huge benefit of these floating homes is that they are very cheap to create overall. These are manufactured homes that are less expensive to build than traditional houses. If people are looking for affordable housing options, then floating homes could be an ideal solution. These aren’t prevalent at all right now but many think that they could be the future of real estate in some areas.

They Create New Neighborhoods

Another reason why these floating homes are so interesting is that it allows people to create new neighborhoods. The population of this planet continues to increase and this means that space is at a premium in many countries. If you can build new neighborhoods on waterfronts using these floating houses, then that’s a good solution. It creates new spaces for people to live and could be a part of solving the housing crisis in certain places.

Time Will Tell

Time will tell whether or not these floating houses will become commonplace or if they’ll simply be a curiosity. The full impact of climate change is not yet understood and things could wind up being worse than certain experts predicted. Regardless, this idea of creating floating houses is very intriguing and it’s a step in the right direction. Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions to problems, after all.